former postdocs

Melanie Tanguy, now a postdoctoral scientist at the National Institute of Biological Standards and Control

Tanay Ghosh, now at the Wellcome Trust/MRC Centre for Stem Cell Research

Peter Sarkies, now group leader at MRC Sciences Centre, Imperial College London

Alyson Ashe, now Assistant Professor at the Univeristy of Sydney, Australia

Alejandra Clark, now Editor at EMBO Reports, Heidelberg, Germany

Javier Armisen Garrido, now Manager, Eastern Sequence and Informatics Hub, University of Cambridge

Funda Sar, now Professor, Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey

Cherie Blenkiron, now postdoctoral fellow at the University of Auckland, Auckland, NZ

Ines Alvarez-Garcia, now Senior Editor at PLoS Biology, Cambridge, UK

former graduate students

Eva Maria Weick (2009 - 2015), now a postdoctoral fellow at Sloan Kettering with the Christopher Lima Lab 

Kenneth Murfitt (2007-2013), now a research scientist at Novartis

Nic Lehrbach (2007-2012), now postdoctoral fellow with Gary Ruvkun, Harvard Medical School

Julie Woolford (2007-2011), now in a Parish somewhere in England

Helen Lightfoot (2007-2011), now postdoctoral fellow with Jonathan Hall, ETH Zurich

Ethan Kaufman (2006-2011), now a tutor in Toronto, Canada

Leonard Goldstein (2006-2010), now postdoctoral fellow with Robert Gentleman, Genentech

Marloes Bagijn (2006-2010), now a management consultant in London

Rob Shaw (2006-2009), now postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School

Partha Das (2005-2008), now postdoctoral fellow with Stuart Orkin, Harvard Medical School